Why is Reflexology Best Therapy For Your Skin, Mind and Spirit?

What is Reflexology?

I can cite the origin of reflexology in ancient times, applied by the Orientals to balance the energy and function of the interior of the body from the outside by touching strategic points to promote healing.

To understand reflexology, it is important to know that in the external body, there are sensitive areas with a greater number of nerve endings capable of providing relaxation and well-being when touched with technique and precision. The central nervous system plays a fundamental role in healing and obtaining a state of deep relaxation during therapy, which lasts after completion, a situation that patients love.

Holistic reflexology therapy consists of activating specific points, considered as places of access to energy pathways through stimulation, on the face, feet, or hands and being able to access different organs and internal glands of the body in a reflex way, obtaining the perfect balance of the parts (mind, body, energy, and soul) and promoting health to achieve your desired well-being.

Types of Reflexology

In holistic medicine, we talk about the physical, mental, spiritual, and energetic body in perfect balance, when the imbalance occurs in any of them, the discomfort begins and it is time to go to holistic and healing therapies.

When observing the body as a whole that is interconnected with several parts, microsystems can be distinguished that represent it and allow its healing. Within these Microsystems are mentioned:

⦁ The pinna (Auriculotherapy).
⦁ The hands (Manual reflexology).
⦁ The feet (Foot reflexology).
⦁ The face (Facial Reflexology).

Likewise, among those mentioned, foot reflexology has been for years one of the best known and most applied ancestral therapies to increase blood circulation, induce physical and mental relaxation, ward off recurring and negative thoughts, improve the quality of nighttime sleep, and other benefits that will be discussed later.

For now, I can affirm that the West has undergone an awakening, recognizes the attributes of oriental therapies for prevention and healing, and has opened its doors to Facial Reflexology, a non-invasive natural rejuvenation technique that helps you obtain balance on the physical, spiritual and energetic field from the inside to show off a radiant skin towards the outside.

How does Facial Reflexology help well-being?

The different points of stimulation at the level of the face, allow you to enjoy deep relaxation and in addition, the specialist can help you improve the function of your internal organs and glands.

This is possible thanks to the fact that the different areas and internal organs of the body (stomach, pancreas, intestines, etc.) are represented on the face, which is capable of being stimulated by facial reflexology to treat diseases and imbalances in their operation, such as:

⦁ Digestive problems.
⦁ Muscle problems.
⦁ Joint pain.
⦁ Hormonal imbalances.
⦁ Anxiety, depression, muscle fatigue.
⦁ Migraines and headaches.

Benefits of Reflexology


This technique, in addition to increasing the effects of the natural oils applied to perform the technique and improving the absorption of cosmetic products, offers you short and long-term benefits necessary to delay the signs of facial and body aging. Among the benefits of Facial Reflexology it is pertinent to mention:

⦁ Prevents premature aging.
⦁ Strengthens the immune functions of the skin.
⦁ Anti-inflammatory effect.
⦁ Improves blood circulation.
⦁ Increases lymphatic drainage, helping the skin to have a greater capacity to eliminate toxins.
⦁ Reduces the accumulation of oiliness in the pores that cause acne.
⦁ Produces a natural facelift effect.
⦁ Improves the appearance of fine wrinkles and expression lines.
⦁ Reduces the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and bags under the eyes.
⦁ Increases the production of collagen and elastin.
⦁ Helps to maintain the elasticity and firmness properties of the skin.
⦁ Improves hydration and natural shine.
⦁ Natural treatment in cases of mild acne.
⦁ Relaxes facial tensions and neck contractures.
⦁ Improves migraines and recurrent headaches.


Reflexology allows the stimulation of the central nervous system that sends positive signals and frequencies to different parts of the body. Negative situations and emotions that are usually internalized, must have a kind of opening through your energy centers for the release of oppressions, pains, ties, and old beliefs that often affect your energy field, organs such as the skin, and entire systems. Healing is possible through this wonderful holistic therapy that provides the following benefits:

⦁ Stimulates the central and peripheral nervous system.
⦁ Healing of your mental and bodily functions.
⦁ Natural treatment for anxiety and depression.
⦁ Eliminate obsessive thoughts.
⦁ Improves night sleep.
⦁ Stimulates energy and a feeling of vitality
⦁ Improves blood and lymphatic circulation.
⦁ Reduce stress.
⦁ Analgesic effect for muscle aches.
⦁ Improves facial microcirculation.


The feet are probably the most unknown and abused areas of the body, they are rarely given due care, they may regain attention when they hurt or suffer an injury, but the truth, is that daily they bear the weight of the entire body, provide the ability to walk and in them, you can see the state of health reflected. The benefits of reflexology are:

⦁ Stimulates the proper functioning of the immune system.
⦁ Improves blood and lymphatic circulation.
⦁ Eliminates accumulated toxins.
⦁ Deep relaxation.
⦁ Awareness of the present "here and now."
⦁ Releases emotional blocks.
⦁ Improves mood.
⦁ Relieves back pain.
⦁ Improves intestinal transit and symptoms of constipation.
⦁ Relieves gastritis and stomach upset.
⦁ Effective against menstrual cramps.

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