Things to consider before using ayurvedic herbs in hair care

Find out in this article some things you should know when using ayurvedic herbs in your hair regimen.

1. Plan out the herbs you will be using on that day, before that day.

2. For an ayurvedic herb to release all its benefits you have to make it and leave it down for 3 hours or more.

3. Always use hot water to mix your herbs, for a smoother mix before adding any other thing. (not boiling hot)

4. Filter your herbs before usage so you don't get particles in your hair.

5. If you have herbs that are not smooth, make a hair tea with it instead you will still enjoy the benefits.

6. But if you still want to use it as a deep conditioner you can use your tea to make a gloss

7. Make sure you have research on your herb combo before using it, not because you saw someone use it.

8. Do not overuse ayurvedic herbs, it can be addictive, try a deep conditioner.

9. If you're just beginning your ayurvedic journey, start with gloss.

10. You don't need all the herbs in the market to have healthy hair. Know this and know peace.