Is There a Difference in Men's and Women's Skincare?

If you’ve ever wondered whether there is a difference in skincare for men and women, you’ve come to the right place! Walking down a drugstore skincare aisle, it's pretty clear that the market for men's and women's skincare products is distinct. It's even in the way they're marketed.

Besides, men are simple creatures. Glittering jars of cream or descriptions about ingredients like “Harvested from the volcanic ash of Jeju Island” does not excite them as it does women. The most a man’s skincare consists of is good razor and shaving products.

Aside from the obvious difference in packaging, product names, and fragrance, the formula of men's products also differs from women's. Read on ahead to learn what the difference is.

So How Does The Skin Differ In Men And Women?

Dermatologist says that men's skin has different attributes that make it age differently than a women’s skin. Firstly, a man’s skin is 25% thicker than a woman’s due to higher collagen content and testosterone levels. The production of collagen also gives their skin a high content of elastin. Secondly, the oil glands are far more active in men's skin than women's. They allow for better skin moisture retention as the skin ages. Besides, the aging process in man is more gradual. Unlike women, who see a visible and drastic change once menopause hits.

You'll be surprised how big a part hormones play in both men's and women's skin. Hormonal secretions affect the skin's physiology which in turn affects the natural microflora present on our skin.

The microflora also differs on both women and men’s skin and is responsible for some visible differences in the skin. So, in short, the skin has a gender! When choosing skincare, there are points that you need to be aware of to make the most out of your product.

Skin Types in Men

The basis for a good skincare regimen regardless of your gender is knowing your skin type. Understanding the type of skin you have helps you curate your skincare accordingly. You get to add and subtract products for what your skin needs.

There are four skin types: oily, dry, normal, combination, and sensitive. These skin types are very different when it comes to men and women. Furthermore, your skin type can vary between all skin types due to various factors like the sun and weather.

• Oily Skin

We have already established the fact that men's skin is oilier than women's. But having an oily skin type for a man is a different ball game. An overproduction of sebum from the sebaceous glands often results in the formation of acne. This skin type requires a delicate balance of maintaining skin hydration to monitor the activity of the sebaceous glands. We at Beauty Secrets believe in natural skincare. In that regard, moisturizing oily skin with oil is an effective remedy. By using natural oils like Olive Squalane or Jojoba oil, the skin is hydrated without clogging your pores. Our Beauty Secrets app provides insight and natural skincare remedies for most of all skin concerns.

• Dry Skin

Dry skin requires exfoliation and moisturization simultaneously. Sloughing off dead, flaky skin helps provide for better moisture retention in the skin.

• Normal Skin

People with normal skin were God's favorite as they don't have any particular skin issues that require attention. Regardless, scheduled exfoliation is essential. So is providing your skin with Vitamin C. It helps maintain your skin's turnover cycle naturally and gives you that much vied for radiant glow. The beauty secrets app highlights excellent natural sources of vitamin C that are edible, topical, and cost-effective.

• Combination Skin

People with combination skin were probably God's least favorite. We're kidding! But, combination skin tends to be confusing. In reality, we all have combination skin. Certain areas of our face produce more oil, like, our T-zone, while areas around our eyes are oil-free. The key to handling this skin type is addressing both issues of dry and oily skin.

• Sensitive Skin

Sensitive is easily irritated, whether through external factors like dust and pollution or the introduction of a new product in your skincare regimen. Moreover, shaving is another reason for skin irritation and sensitivity. Switch to moisturizing your skin with products or ingredients that are calming and anti-inflammatory.


Your heritage plays an essential role in your skincare needs. Dermatologists say that African American men are more prone to ingrown hairs as their natural hair tends to be curly.
Similarly, men of Hispanic or Asian descend are more susceptible to irregular skin pigmentation and therefore need to limit their exposure to the sun.

Why Natural Skincare Is Beneficial For Men?

Commercial products are full of synthetic chemicals and fragrances. It often leaves the skin dry, inflamed, sore and aggravates ingrown hair. Shaving as a process doesn't only remove your beard or stubble, it takes along with it the outer layer of skin cells. Shaving, therefore, results in dehydration of the skin. It exposes younger, newer cells that are more susceptible to irritation from chemicals, alcohol aftershaves, and sunlight. Beauty Secrets UK advises switching to natural skincare. Packed with high-performance and potent plants, it helps reduce the risk of irritation and even calms down irritated skin.

Likewise, if you don't shave, the skin beneath your facial mane requires as much TLC as it would if you shaved it daily. Beard hair is coarse and thick. Men often experience itchiness, ingrown hair, and in some cases, "beard dandruff." Having a beard leads to the same problems as not having one, dryness, inflammation, or acne. Moreover, longer beards often become tangled and are unmanageable without beard oil which also affects its growth.

How to Make Natural Skincare Products for Men?

If you are intrigued by the idea of whipping seemingly everyday kitchen ingredients into something more potent that benefits you, your family, and friends, the Beauty Secrets app is the perfect place to start. The app has an array of homemade recipes for men that are easy to follow and have readily available ingredients.

The app's user-friendly interface allows for "routine" templates for all parts of the body for men and women alike. It also features a reminder feature that makes sure you don't forget your skincare routine.

Furthermore, whatever products you use, from creams to acids, can be added to the app. It shows how skin-friendly the products are and natural alternatives if any. Besides, the plethora of recipes available on the app allows you to make your creams and oils for whatever ails you - from stinky feet to just de-stressing after a tiring day. The Beauty Secrets App also provides a simple Beard oil recipe to follow that houses flavorful ingredients like Argan Oil, Grapeseed oil, and Jojoba Oil. These are the key ingredients that are also found in celebrity-endorsed brands that target beard care. Our beard oil recipe will groom your hair and treat the skin underneath both effectively and at a fraction of the cost.

Bottom Line

Just like there isn't a one-size-fits-all for basic T-shirts, why would there be one for skincare? To summarize, men have different skin than women in terms of thickness, oil content, and pH. They also experience sensitivity around their beard area. Therefore, recognizing your skin type, how ethnicity plays a hand in it, and knowing your skin's concerns play a vital role in choosing the right products for setting up routine for your skin.