Give Yourself A Flawless Pedicure At Home

Regular pedicures serve to detect early signs of conditions such as corns, bunions and fungal infection. Also, when you care for your feet regularly, and remove the dirt from under the nail, you help to prevent nail diseases and foot odors. Do as the professionals do with below beauty tips:

1. Put all together the pedicure Supplies:
• Small tub
• Soap or pedicure soak gel
• Orange wood stick
• Nail clippers or scissors
• Cuticle cutter
• Cotton balls
• Foot file or pumice stone
• Toe separators
• Foot Lotion
• Towel
• Nail file & buffer
• Nail polish remover
• Base coat & Top Coat, Nail polish

2. Soak your feet.
Fill your tub with warm water and soak your feet for about 15 minutes. A few drops of tea tree oil (to banish stinky bacteria) or lavender oil for relaxing to make the experience more spa-like. File the hard skin while feet are in warm water.

3. Shape your nails.
Gently pat your feet dry with a towel. Cut your nails straight and file the edges. Gently push your cuticles back. As a next step gently buff your nail beds to smooth out any ridges that would make your nail polish application look uneven.

4. Paint your nails.
Clean your nails and then apply base coat to create a bottom layer which will help the polish stick better to your nails. Apply thin layers of nail polish and let each layer fully dry out.

5. Moisturize and massage.
Once the nail polish is fully dry hydrate your feet and calves with lotion or foot cream. This step is recommended the last one as a greasy lotion will leave oil on your toenails making it harder for the nail polish to latch on.