Dry Body Skin – Causes, Symptoms and Natural solutions

Tired of seeing itchy, dry skin on your body? Those who have never suffered from dry skin have no idea how debilitating it can be, especially for someone who has chronic dry skin issues.

Dry skin is a condition in which your skin dries out because it doesn't have enough water on its surface. Dry skin spares no one as it affects people of all ages but is more common in older individuals due to the lack of natural oils and water present on their skin.

Skin is a vital organ that acts as a barrier, helps regulate body temperature, and permits the sensations of touch, cold, and heat. The skin being such a vital organ, it requires to be in an immaculate condition. However, all dreams of having glowing and fresh skin can go in vain if your skin is extremely dry.

If having dry skin is irritating you or holding you back, revamp your dry skin by reading the following symptoms, causes of dry skin, and how to treat it.


Dry skin can affect anyone at any stage of life, but it usually depends on your health or age. Dry skin is commonly present on the face, hands, legs, feet, and arms.

If your skin is looking rough, cracked, flaking, appearing red or tight when you come out of the bath, and making you itch frequently; chances are you have dry skin.

Dry Skin Causes
Dry skin can be caused by a multitude of reasons and contributing factors that worsen it. The causes of dry skin can be categorized as internal and external.

INTERNAL Causes of Dry Skin
Specific causes of dry skin can allude to internal factors such as genetics, age, family history, or your overall health.

EXTERNAL Causes of Dry Skin
Dry skin is mainly caused by external factors such as cold temperature being the most common one, low humidity, using hard soaps, overusing sanitizers, taking a hot bath, and exposing your skin to harmful ultraviolet rays of sunlight.

Dry skin can also develop if you are not paying much attention to your skincare routine. Using inappropriate moisturizers or skin creams can worsen your dry skin rather than treating it.


Dry skin is also associated with certain factors that agitate it. These are:

• Old Age: As a person ages, their skin becomes dry due to natural skin changes and drying up of oil glands. The skin becomes sketchy and rough.

• Dry Climate: Climate also plays a vital role in affecting your skin. Dry desert-like climates are harsher for your skin since there is a lack of humidity and moisture, making your skin itchy and dry.

• Genetics: If you live in a pleasant environment, chances are you can still have dry skin due to your genetics. Conditions such as eczema are hereditary.

• Seasonal Changes: Dry skin can also develop due to seasonal changes such as winters or summers. Extreme cold air or hot air can evaporate natural water from the skin, resulting in dry, flaky skin.

• The Fabric You Wear: The choice of your clothing can also affect your skin's condition. Certain fabrics such as wool or synthetic fibers can irritate your skin, further causing your skin's redness and dryness.


There is always a solution to a problem. You can adopt the following tips to prevent dry skin.

• Keep Moisturizing: The best thing you can do for your skin is to moisturize regularly, especially after washing your hands and coming out of the bath.

• Avoid Using Hard Soaps: Hard soaps usually have an increased alcohol content that worsens your dryness. Try using mild soaps to prevent dry skin.

• Stay Hydrated Always: As the human body is made up of 70% water, try to drink at least six to eight water glasses daily. Dry skin is also caused by dehydration so try to drink an ample amount of water daily.

• Avoid Scratching Excessively: We often tend to scratch when we feel itchy. It might feel satisfying, but it can worsen your dry skin and can result in red patches.

If you get an urge to scratch, use a cold compress to relieve itchiness.

How to Get Rid Of Dry Skin?


If dry skin makes you feel agitated or stressed out, then worry not, as dry skin can be easily treated by daily lubricating your skin and using over-the-counter moisturisers and lotions.

Starting our list with the Bath shea creamer recipe as it is the perfect solution for all your dry skin issues.

The best thing about bath shea creamer is that you can formulate it with organic shea butter and essential oils to cleanse, hydrate, and repair your dry skin. Being a rich hydrator would help protect your skin from adverse damage by preventing early ageing, and keeping your skin looking magnificent and glowing. Shea butter is packed with multivitamins such as Vitamins A and E, which are essential in keeping your skin looking fresh and youthful.
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The wonderful Vanilla Lotion Bar recipe, with the main ingredient Shea butter, melts into your skin quickly as it is super light and will not make your skin appear greasy.
Bath Shea creamer and Vanilla Lotion Bar not only work wonders for your skin but prevent many skin conditions such as dermatitis, acne, cracked skin, itchy skin, sunburns, stretch marks, dry skin, etc.
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Next on our list is the Sea Salt body scrub that gently cleanses and exfoliates your skin, making it appear hydrated and moisturised.
Looking to revitalise your skin? Use the Sea salt body scrub for dry skin as it gives a rich and luxurious lather that feels so good on the skin.
The Sea salt body scrub efficiently solves all your dry skin issues by promoting increased blood circulation, removing dead cells from the skin, softening your dry skin, and smoothing razor bumps.
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Choose a NATURAL-BRISTLE body brush and brush at least 1-2 times a week. It will buff away dead, dull and dry skin cells. Expect bright, fresh, and purified SKIN after use.

If you want to make your skin supple, glowing, and nourished, then follow the above-mentioned tips to control and treat all your dryness issues.

Do you have DRY SKIN? Have you tried any of the above natural solutions and seen an improvement?

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