Cold sore, dry, chapped, and sunburned lips. All you need to know and how to make your lips amazing!

"The curves of your lips rewrite history." (Oscar Wilde)

The lips are a fundamental component of a person's face and most people, when asked "What strikes you first in a person?", answers the lips.
For this reason it is extremely important to take care of them in the best possible way, even if they are a very small part of the body, they have a fundamental role. Always keep in mind that ; )


Be patience, just a little anatomy, and then we will continue with the most effective remedies to fight lip concerns!

The lips are the external contours of the mouth and are two: the upper lip and the lower one. They are mobile, soft and flexible.
The lips include portions of skin, cutaneous-mucous coverings and areas of the actual mucosa; they have a complex system of muscles and are finely innervated and vascularized.

Both the upper and lower lips are divided into three parts: dry skin or mucous membrane (anterior surface of the lip and rich in sebaceous and sweat glands), Pink rim (transitional part between the mucous and skin parts, a few sebaceous glands and no sweat glands), Wet mucosa (dorsal edge of the lip, no sebaceous or sweat glands).

The peculiarity of not having sweat and sebaceous glands externally makes more difficult the process of retaining and attracting moisture, necessary for maintaining hydrated lips.

Now that we've seen what lips are made of, let's find out what to do to avoid chapped, sunburned, dry and dehydrated lips!


• Climatic and weather factors: wind, cold, sun and heat can worsen the situation of the protective oily film of the lips which is used to keep them hydrated and healthy.
• Dehydration: when our body lacks water, the lips are also more prone to dry out. Drinking lots of water is one of the keys to hydrated lips.
• Aging: as we age, the lips also change, become thinner and drier, and it becomes difficult to maintain the right hydration.
• Cheilitis: this disorder can be caused by viral or bacterial infections and allergies. Who suffers from this disorder tend to have chapped lips, cuts, scabs, redness and burning.
• Allergies: when buying cosmetics that are not natural and with harmful chemicals, the lips can have an allergic reaction.
• Vitamin deficiency: the deficiency of some vitamins (group B, C and A) and of very important substances, such as calcium and iron, can lead to dryness and cracking.
• Saliva: it is common to moisten the lips with saliva whenever they are dry, it is an instinctive and automatic gesture, but in doing so, they will dry out even more.
• Infections such as Herpes Simplex and skin fungi can cause cracking and dryness, often with painful lesions.


• Drink lots of water and have a healthy and correct diet.
• Carry out a proper routine to have soft and healthy lips.
• Use natural, highly nutritious and emollient products.
• Protect them every day, whatever the season and the climate.


Performing a lip beauty routine every day, regardless of the season and weather is necessary to avoid dryness, cracking, sunburn and other ailments!
1) Cleanse
2) Exfoliate (1-2 times a week)
3) Mask (1-2 times a week)
4) Moisturize
5) Sun protection


I imagine that you often do a face or body scrub to detoxify and remove the dead cells, the lips are no less important.
Applying only a layer of lip balm daily, will help avoid lots of lips concerns such as dryness and dehydration. But doing a weekly a lip scrub will allow the balm and treatments applied subsequently to penetrate the lips deeply!

There are many varieties of lip scrubs on the market, but if you want to save money, have a 100% natural scrub or just have fun you can try a homemade scrub like the fantastic Sweet Lip Scrub that you will find on our Beauty Secret App!

With just 2-3 ingredients from your kitchen you can create your lip scrub quickly and easily. Mix brown sugar, honey and coconut oil, and you’ll have an exceptional product that will help soften, exfoliate and prevent infections naturally.
The secret is to use moderation, the lips are a very sensitive part, and you shouldn't overdo it. Just use your scrub once or twice a week.


The use of natural ingredients plays a fundamental role in lip care, remember that nature always offers us very precious ingredients for the health of our body and our skin.
COCONUT OIL: soothing and nourishing properties, calms irritation and redness.
ALMOND OIL: helps protect lips from the aggression of atmospheric agents such as wind, cold and sun rays.
CALENDULA OIL: Anti-inflammatory, healing, emollient and soothing properties.
LEMON BALM: antibacterial and antifungal action, perfect for reducing the duration of cold sores and avoiding their reappearance.


On the Beauty Secret App, you can find easy, cheap and natural recipes to have fabulous lips!
Some of these recipes can also be used on dry body parts.
- Vegan Healing Lip Salve, a richly lip salve recipe with soothing calendula and lavender for chapped lips that need instant comfort.
- Cold Sore Lip Balm, with its amazing 6 ingredients, this balm will help with that first "tingle" you get just before a cold sore develops, naturally helping with the reduction of the flare up.
- Easy Cocoa Lip Butter, to deeply, naturally nourish and moisturize your lips.
-Coconut Lip Balm, a real panacea for lips attacked by the wind, exposure to sunlight, cold and dry climate.

Easy and extremely effective! Try them all and you won't regret it :).
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As you have surely understood, taking care of your lips is really a very important gesture, if you follow a routine and use natural and effective products, your lips will conquer the world, and you will no longer have to be afraid and anxious to show them.

Remember that lips are also your "business card", you need them to laugh, express yourself, talk and kiss; making them beautiful, soft and healthy is a gesture of affection towards them.