Beautiful and Healthy Hair will always start with a Healthy Scalp!

What is Scalp?

The scalp is part of the large percentage of skin that covers the body and although it may go unnoticed in daily care, its care and health are easily reflected through the appearance of the hair.

Why Scalp Care is Important?

Spending all your savings on buying or making masks with natural ingredients does not guarantee the health of your hair, on the contrary! It will continue to look dull and fragile if your scalp is not healthy and strengthened from the roots.

Excess oiliness and dirt affect it seriously and results in dandruff, dryness, hair loss, frizzy and brittle hair, therefore, it is recommended that you learn to perform an excellent Hair Care Routine in 5 steps to improve the health of your hair.

What is the Ideal Scalp Care Routine?

1. Moisturize before Showering

It is no longer a secret for many and a great discovery for others! Before washing your hair, find your favorite oil (argan, coconut, or jojoba) and apply the number of drops necessary. Gently spread from medium to ends throughout the hair and comb with a wide toothbrush so that each strand is infused with this wonderful elixir. Put on a thermal cap and let it act for 15 minutes, you will be ready to remove it in the shower with your ideal shampoo.

2. Cleanse with Shampoo

The moment of washing the hair is a care ritual, in which you are going to clean your scalp very gently and implement circular massages but, most importantly, it is time to choose the shampoo that suits .

Before making a decision, look at the product labeling to make sure it's right for you. Also, each individual should search among the different formulas and ingredients that flood the market and look for a quality shampoo that does not contain sulfates and silicones. In the case of silicone, it masks the real health of your hair by creating a layer throughout the hair that gives the appearance of a "healthy shine" and provides a docile and hydrated texture, but in time, the silicones accumulate in the cuticle causing dryness and hair damage. On the other hand, sulfates have been associated with dandruff, dryness, and weakening from the roots causing hair loss.

Regarding the frequency of washing, dermatologists recommend washing it every 3 days, very oily scalps that are exposed to extensive routines of exercise and sweating should generally be washed on the 2nd day and the dry hair can be washed every 4 days to avoid removing natural oils and increasing dryness.

3. Exfoliate and Remove Dead Cells

Exfoliation is a must for scalp care and is a step recently implemented due to its notorious benefits.

Through physical exfoliation ( massagers, granules of salt or sugar, ground coffee, and ground dehydrated vegetable plants) or acids (salicylic acid and AHAs), you can eliminate the layers of dead cells that accumulate and form dandruff, reduce oiliness, unclog pores and improve blood flow while stimulating hair growth in an easy and natural way.

Integrating the exfoliation of the scalp will be a before and after in your routine when you notice healthy, abundant, and shiny hair from the roots to the ends.

4. Moisturize with Scalp Masks/Serums

Hair is made up of proteins, lipids, and water and with frequent use of heat (iron, hairdryer) the coloring and exposure to the sun loses its properties and becomes porous, weakened, and frizzy, which makes it an ideal candidate to apply Serums and Hair Masks high in vitamins, nutrients and essential ingredients to hydrate and condition your hair.

You can choose your favorite mask and mix it with coconut oil, argan, or jojoba (or all three) + the extract of a vitamin E capsule and you will get an excellent deep hydration bomb that your hair will not be able to resist.

5. Maintain the Scalp Health with a Scalp Massager

Made of bamboo, silicone, or electric, scalp massagers are a great option and they are here to stay. In or out of the shower, the scalp massager provides a relaxing and beneficial practice that causes an increase in nutrients in the scalp by increasing blood flow and oxygenation, improving the texture and appearance of the hair.

Instead of using your fingers to apply the shampoo, opt for this wonderful tool that removes excess oil without damaging the hair and, you will have a pleasant experience while you exfoliate and thoroughly cleanse the scalp.

⦁ Natural Scalp Care Products & Tools

The products that cannot be missed to improve the health of your scalp are:

Natural Vegetable Oils. They can be part of your creation of homemade masks. You can go for avocado and olive oil for the contribution of lipids and hydration.

Essential ingredients. Oil-based products like Argan, coconut, almonds and ingredients like banana, papaya, avocado, honey, and oats are a reliable option that does not stop regenerating and deeply caring for the scalp

Microfiber towels. They are extremely gentle with the hair, absorbing excess water without the need to rub vigorously with a conventional towel, avoiding frizz, knots, and brittle hair.

Wide tooth comb. The hair should always be detangled with a comb to avoid breaking and weakening the hair. Also, you must separate the hair into sections and untangle it from the ends to the roots.

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